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68,842), Los Angeles co., S Calif., in the irrigated Antelope Valley; a growing residential suburb of Los Angeles Panerai Radiomir Watches near Little Rock Creek where it forms Lake Palmdale Reservoir, inc. 1962. Palmdale announced the layoffs of 50 workers, the third set of layoffs since November November: see month. as the company continues its hunt for new investors.

As the company reels from a general aviation slump Slump

A temporary fall in performance, often describing consistently falling security prices for several weeks or months. , the events of Sept. 11 and problems from the failed expansion of a Swiss sister corporation, SR Technic cut its work force to 350 workers.

``We continue to take steps to take action; to move in a matter.

See also: Step to conserve our resources to enable our company to operate as long as possible,'' said Alex Kugler, chief executive officer and president of the company.

Friday's job cuts come on the heels of a 70-worker cut in December and a 75-worker cut in November.

The layoffs are the result of a complicated situation regarding the efforts to keep Swissair, the flagship company of SAirGroup, in operatioSwissair was suffering from a failed expansion strategy even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that have severely affected the airline industry.

The Swiss swiss replica watches government stepped in with subsidies to keep the airline going, but three subsidiaries of SAirGroup were left to find investors on their own to keep their operations going. One of those was SR Technics operations in Switzerland.

SR Technics Palmdale is an independent company from its Swiss counterparts. However, the SR Technics America business plan called for them to receive funding from the Swiss SR Technics for four years.

``The state of the airline industry in 2001 forced SR Technics Palmdale Inc.'s parent company, SAirGroup to seek protection from its creditors in November 2001,'' the company said in the statement announcing the latest job cuts. ``The result was the inability to continue to fund global projects.''

In a previous statement, the company said it is losing more money in its initial stage than expected and that market conditions indicate there is no hope that the company could make a profit ``within appropriate time.''

The decision to establish SR Technics in Palmdale had been announced by Gov. Gray Davis in December 1999 and was heralded as a great day for economic development in California California (k most populous state in the United States, located in the Far West; bordered by Oregon (N), Nevada and, across the Colorado River, Arizona (E), Mexico (S), and the Pacific Ocean (W). .

SR Technics received its first airplane airplane, aeroplane, or aircraft, heavier-than-air vehicle, mechanically driven and fitted with fixed wings that support it in flight through the dynamic action of the air. to modify in Palmdale in August 2000 and had grown to close to 600 workers before the November cuts.

SR Technics Palmdale officials, prior to the current financial and industrial woes, had anticipated a gradual and sustained growth, eventually reaching as many as 6,000 workers.

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The Three Lots I'll Be Watching in Antiquorum's September Sale

I see a lot of watches, and a lot of them happen to be vintage Rolexes. I have respect for many Rolex models from years past, but one of the few references that always gets me excited is the Reference 1530. This is a watch we've written about in the past here; having been produced for a short period of time in the early 1970s and using a strange case designed for the early quartz Rolex watches, it's a true oddity.

The www.getbestrolex.com 1530 is rare, just how rare is debatable. Some say only 500 were made, others say 1000, I tend to believe more than that were created, but it is still, unquestionably, a rare watch. The squared case, the inward sloping minute track, and what many have called the toughest bracelet ever made are all part of the 1530's charm. Sure, the average Rolex fan wouldn't appreciate this watch, but those in the know are showing more respect for the 1530 every single day. In the coming years, this could be a watch that people are willing to really pay for.

When I was cruising through the catalog for Antiquorum's September sale, I came across a ref 1530 Rolex and thought to myself "Hmm, that's cool." Then, the very next lot I saw another 1530 and said "Very cool". Then, several pages later, all the way near the back of the book, I saw a third Ref 1530 and said something like "WTF?".

It's rare enough to find ONE 1530 for sale, let alone three. And, one of the lots (#60) comes with the original box, booklet and warranty. The estimates for all three watches are very reasonable. I recently saw a 1530 in a prestigious retail shop with a price of over $9000 on it, and here, there are two that should go for around $5000, and the one with boxes and papers, slightly more.

What most people don't realize about the 1530 is that it is one of the rare cases when Rolex was actually following a trend instead of creating it. The 1530 was an answer to Audemars Fake Rolex Watches Ror Sale Piguet's original Royal Oak, and was released around the same time at Patek Philippe's Nautilus. A steel luxury sport watch with squared case and integrated bracelet? Yup, the Rolex 1530, and for much less than you'll find either an early Royal Oak or Patek Nautilus.

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